Hmmm...I'd toss her some of his clothes to put in with her wash. He's her son after all and she is hogging the washer! You are a paragon of patience, Dianne.

Well, I accomplished all of yesterday's list except I did not get to the movie. frown I was so bone tired and sore all over from this past week's activities. But my son's room is painted and the wallpaper is done in our bedroom. Yay!

My DH said we'll "take it easy today" but somehow our definitions of taking it easy grossly differ. I'm thinkin' put my feet up, read a book, listen to the most, walk or take a drive along the beach. His version? We're touching up my son's room, taping and cutting in our bedroom with the new paint, fixing the dryer, finishing laundry, boxing up some miscellaneous stuff around here and all before his football game begins...oh, and that means I need to make hot wings from scratch. Hmmm. Good thing, I'll be "taking it easy" today!