Yesterday I went to bed at 1:42 and got up at 9:45. I searched for pictures and added some in my documents, played the spider medium on Solitr (failed), Bloons Insanity (failed), spider medium (failed), Bloons Super Monkey for the first time (got to level 1-2), Bloons Junior for the first time (got to level 4), Bloons Super Monkey 2 (you need an account and i do not want so will not play it), Bloons Tower Defense 5 Steam (you need to pay for it so no play for me), More Bloons for the first time (got to level 1), Monkey City (that 1 too they want you to have an account), Even More Bloons which turns out I did play a few times but like the others from yesterday I do not recall my best score (got to level 1), Hot Air Bloon for the first time (got 0 point), spider medium (failed), Bloons (failed), tried to find the last hidden object of the second page of the first book, added a few links to my favorites, played Bloons Player Pack 1 (failed), Bloons Player Pack 2 (failed), Bloons Player Pack 3 (failed), Bloons Player Pack 4 (failed), Bloons Player Pack 5 (failed), deleted one link, played Bloons 2 for the first time (got to level 5), Bloons Pop 3 (failed), spider medium (failed), tried finding the object again, played spider medium (failed) and deleted one note then one picture plus wrote one note. It was a bad night and a very bad day.