That's so cool Jilly.

I didn't think I'd get a bunch done as my daughter was home from her co-op today - and in fact, she won't be going all week. So I was busy with homeschooling today, but we had fun. I set her up with a writing assignment, and had her sit next to me. We did our "writing" together - it was great fun.

I'll have to think about how we can handle the rest of the week now smile

Dianne, I love homeschooling, and I chose to do it because I wanted to have more time with my kids - not because I necessarily love homeschooling LOL.

My 13 year old son decided to attend public school this year, and he started in 8th grade. And he's easily as knowledgeable as his peers. And his transition into school was very easy. Go figure!

My daughter is adamant that she will NEVER attend public school - but as she gets a bit older she may change her mind.

Deanna Joseph

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