Yesterday I went to bed at 23:53 and got up at 10:06. I changed one note and added four links, changed one note, deleted one link, ran errands with dad (Price = Caisse Desjardins [dad stayed in the car] ~ Mont-Joli = i donated a few things + i went to the job center then to the biggest Uniprix where dad was + got my glasses adjusted then went to Metro where dad was), called Telus (my internet and computer was acting weird [the same thing happened 1 night weeks ago] turns out it is not the internet), changed two notes and asked Windows what was going on (it found nothing), restarted my computer (did that the other night which did nothing but that time it stopped whatever was going on), changed three notes, changed three notes, changed four notes and calculated one thing, deleted one link and changed the place of one link and checked our listing (the errors are still there), played the ninth track of Bloons Tower Defense 4 (failed at everything), deleted one link, deleted one link and checked the houses (deleted the apartment house - the others [the 1 deleted too - if still available later it will be easy to find again] still available), deleted one link, got one information, watched Chopped Grill Masters at 22:00, did one search and added one picture. It was a second time taking melatonin (did not feel weird at all but slept better but still with insomnia) and a very bad day.