Yesterday I went to bed at 0:59 and got up at 9:24. I washed all my washcloths and towels (the towels were dried before i went out and the washcloths when i came back), went on the beach in front of the house, ran errands with my parents (14:00 waxing appointment in Rimouski [before that dad left mom at Bureau En Gros then went back there after leaving me] then 4 in Rimouski [Sports Expert {left dad there then me and mom went on the other side of the mall} + Familiprix + Laura Secord {left mom there for a while} + Ardene {when done i went back there and dad was there too} then 1 [McDonald's - dad went with the car service] in Mont-Joli), watched a new movie at 19:35 and Chopped Grill Masters at 22:00. It was an average night and a very bad day.