Yesterday I went to bed at 2:43 and got up at 10:00.I changed one note and added two links, deleted one picture, got one information, decided the date of my next waxing appointment, changed eleven notes, deleted three links and added four links and calculated one thing, deleted one link, deleted one link, ran errands with my parents (Mont-Joli = the biggest Uniprix [mom stayed in the car] + Ma Cabane En Gaspesie [i and mom stayed in the car] ~ Rimouski = 14:00 waxing appointment [they ran 1 errand] + Le Club Papetier [dad stayed in the car] + the biggest Jean Coutu + the Dollarama next to the big shopping mall + Bouclair [dad stayed in the car] + Super C ~ Mont-Joli = McDonald's [dad ordered from the car]), did one search and added two pictures and deleted one picture, changed six notes, changed four notes, got one information, changed three notes, checked the houses (all 3 still available), checked one thing and got one information, erased eight notes, got one information, got one information and wrote one note, wrote one note, put the backup cream for a thirty-fourth time. It was an horrible night and a very bad day.