Yesterday I went to bed at 3:45 and got up at 12:56. I did other things to pass the time since I could not write my five Bella Online morning posts, changed one note and added one link, put the cream for a sixteenth time, changed one note, went to see mom who was working in the yard with Coin Coin then with Gagou then with Ti Pit and we three went on the beach a little and a little more on the yard, changed four notes, changed two notes, changed three notes, watched the overtime or Real Time for the September 29 episode, changed three notes, deleted one link, did one search, got one information, watched the Dallas Stars at 20:00, finally was able to post things here, did one search and added one picture, watched Real Time at 0:15, put the cream for a seventeenth time. It was a bad night and a very bad day.