Yesterday I went to bed at 4:59 and got up at 14:03. I changed one note, changed one note, deleted one picture, restarted my computer thanks to a Windows update, changed one note and calculated one thing, erased three notes, got one information, wrote one note and added seven links and calculated two things and deleted two links, changed four notes and did one search and wrote one note, added five links, changed twelve notes, calculated one thing and wrote one note, wrote one note, changed three notes, did one search and added one picture, added two links, added two links, changed three notes, added four links, deleted one link, deleted one link, deleted one link, added one link, got my television chair and cushion cover upstairs (the plan was for mom to wash it and put it outside - she washed it but put it in the dryer instead), put the backup cream for a thirtieth time. It was a bad night and a very bad day.