Yesterday I went to bed at 1:43 and got up at 10:59. I changed one note and added three links, deleted one picture, changed one note, deleted one link, checked our listing (FINALLY the big error is corrected but the 2 small not), checked the houses (all still available then), deleted one link, had to cut the electricity to my computer (something happened that happened once or more before - i was on a website i know and it went to another page that had a voice saying to call a number because it was infected with something - normally im fast enough to close to window but i was not yesterday), changed twelve notes, deleted one link, watched Beat Bobby Flay at 16:30, played the third track of Bloons Tower Defense 4 Expansion (failed then failed then lost at round 37), watched the August 4 overtime of Real Time, did one search and added one picture. I took melatonin for the third time (did absolutely nothing) and a very bad day.