Yesterday I went to bed at 4:22 and got up at 12:17. I changed the place of one link, wrote one note and erased two notes, played Conquerors Of The Island, wrote one note, changed one note, played Card Sharks (always wondered why in the game it says Card Frenzy), changed one note and wrote one note, played Lightning, Speed Cards and Speed, changed one note, played Stan Skates, Fluffy Pool, checked the four houses (all still available), got one information, did one search then showed mom and added three links then deleted one of those links (about houses), changed the place of three links, played the hearts (third), watched Futurama at 20:30, did one search then mom joined it and added another house but deleted it after, did one search and added two links, played Flash Ludo, deleted two links, played Speed and Speed Cards and Lightning, erased two notes, did one search and added three links, deleted one picture. It was a one time get up night and a very bad day.