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Each day is a chance to move closer to our goals, and accomplish something that will make us feel good about ourselves.

What will you do today so that at the end of the day you say "Yes! I'm so glad I did that!"

I'm going to memorize a song I just wrote.

OMG, I just realized I'm the one who started this thread all these years ago LOL!!! How fun is that!

I really do believe it's important for us to set an intention for the day ahead, otherwise, we may just do the same ol', same ol'. Right? That just gets us caught in the comfort zone!

I do have to run my aunt to the DMV today to get her new ID. Then I get to visit with a friend.

I will also contact three local metaphysical places, and find out what it would take to teach classes. Later, I'll finish my mini-ebook on energy and universal law, and start up yet another reading for a client.

Wow!!! It's gonna be a great day!

Deanna Joseph

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