Yesterday I went to bed at 3:43 and got up at 11:56. I made an online order, watched SpongeBob SquarePants at 16:30, Dr Phil at 17:00, Judge Judy at 18:00, the Dallas Stars at 20:30 and I had my SFS account suspended (i received a forward during my game so when i replied i got an error message then another error message after i tried forwarding it then another error message when i tried sending an email to everyone - i changed my password and when i entered it i was then told my account was suspended - immediately sent them an email via their contact form then went in my account provided with my internet provider and sent an email to all my friends - if they do not answer me i will every night before starting my night routine send them an email via their form until they answer me - i also did not change my email in all my accounts [15 in total] in the hope i get my account back - i love that email address cry). It was an average night and a very bad day.