Yesterday I went to bed at 4:18 and got up at 12:46. I changed one note and added two links, deleted one picture, changed one note and erased one note, changed three notes, did one search and added one picture, changed eight notes, deleted one link, changed six notes, changed six notes, wrote one note, changed one note and added one link, deleted one link, changed one note and deleted one link, changed two notes, watched Hell's Kitchen on Youtube and deleted that link during the recap, added five links, changed the place of one link, checked one thing and added one link, wrote one note, deleted two links and added six links, added one link, added four links, deleted one link, watched the November 10 overtime or Real Time, deleted two links and checked two things, changed one note, put the backup cream for a thirty-eighth time. It was a very bad night and a good day.