Nancy, the LotR books also have an index, and a lot of the information from the movie is actually in the index. The first time I read the book, I didn't bother with the index - so a lot of what was in the movie was a surprise LOL!!

The Hobbit (just one storybook) trilogy movies contain a story about Gandalf that's not included in the book - I am not sure where that story comes from - but it made for a great movie. I remember when I read the book wondering about the behind the scenes stuff - the movie explained it. This might be a great topic in the SciFi / Fantasy movie forum HA HA!! Someone would surely know.

Daisybun, the graduation sounds adorable!!

Angie, you've had a busy day smile

I have manged to cross one thing off my list - my visit to my mom and aunt's. Now to the writing part smile

Deanna Joseph

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