Yesterday I went to bed at 4:32 and got up at 12:44. I erased one note and wrote three notes, deleted one picture, took everything off the floor and washed my bedding, cleaned this room and my bedroom, added one link, deleted one link, got another big towel and blanket, changed two notes, checked Free Online Games (for at least a few days everytime something is clicked a window opens so nothing can be played), erased two notes and changed one note, played Flash Ludo, did one search and added five pictures and calculated one thing, put everything except the bedding back on the floor and washed the big towel and blanket, put the bedding except the duvet back on the bed, put the duvet back on with mom's help, played Lightning, wrote one note, checked the four houses (was not supposed to do that until this house was for sale - all still were available), calculated one thing, did one search, did one search, got mom on a website, made an online order, deleted three links, wrote one note, played Lightning, Conquerors Of The Island and did one search and wrote one note, Flash Ludo, Conquerors Of The Island, wrote one note, deleted one picture. It was a very bad night and a very bad day.