Yesterday I went to bed at 2:55 and got up at 9:28. I washed a blanket that will from today be my television blanket (technically mom washed it like she washed days ago the cushion cover that i will use on my tv chair today too), switched to my Telus email account (just had to change that aspect in all my accounts - could not here and tried to contact bella online but that too was not possible so contacted by message Lisa), ran errands with my parents (Rimouski = 13:30 eyebrows electrolysis + the biggest Pharmaprix + the biggest Jean Coutu + Maxi + Canadian Tire + Ardene [dad went to the car] + Les Aliments M&M + Ardene Depot [dad stayed in the car] ~ Mont-Joli = the drive thru of McDonald's) and watched the overtime of September 23 for Real Time. appointment It was a very bad night and a very bad day.