Yesterday I went to bed at 1:26 and (the electricity went off less than an hour before i got up so do not know the time i got up). I changed one note, changed all the electrics back to the correct time, ran two errands in Sainte-Flavie with dad (farmer's market + Cantine Sainte-Flavie [i stayed in the car]), changed my wallet and purse and keychain and sunglasses, deleted four pictures, deleted one link, erased one note, played the hearts (second), erased twenty-one notes, played the hearts (first), erased four notes, changed thirteen notes, deleted one link, erased nineteen notes, organised the top shelf of an armoire in the bathroom (all my extra beauty things are there), played the hearts (first), changed four notes and erased three notes and wrote two notes, did one search, played the hearts (second), wrote six notes and erased seven notes, played the hearts (second), got one information, changed one note and wrote four notes and erased four notes, played the hearts (second), checked the seven houses (all available then), did one search and got one information, played the hearts (third then first then first), got one information, deleted one picture. It was a very bad night and a very bad day.