Yesterday I went to bed at 22:26 and got up at 8:11. I changed one and added four links, deleted one picture, changed one note and deleted one link, checked the liquid melatonin (it said 1 in stock and more on the way - decided for the more on the way), calculated one thing, changed one note, took two pills, deleted one link, washed my washcloths used when shaving my face (asked mom to do it before leaving but i took care of the rest when the washer was done), ran one errand with dad (Price = Caisse Desjardins - he stayed in the car), went in the yard with mom and Elmo, deleted one link, changed nine notes, deleted one link, changed two notes, deleted one link, took two pills, did one search, did one search and added one picture. It was a very bad night and an horrible day.