Yesterday I went to bed at 2:25 and got up at 9:54. I ran one errand in Price (mom went in the post office) then six in Rimouski (Bouclair + Sears + 14:00 waxing appointment + Canadian Tire + Dollarama [the 1 in a big shopping mall] + WalMart) and two errands in Mont-Joli (dad went in IGA and McDonald's), took out a new air bed, watched Dr Phil at 18:00, put some air in the new air bed and a few minutes later my bedding on it (had to add air 4 times with the other 1 - i will not have to ship the second Coleman to get a replacement because with Canadian Tire they exchange things within 90 days + they have a 1 year guarantee with every Coleman products so either way i am ok until the date i set for myself to stop sleeping on air beds), watched Hell's Kitchen at 20:00 and The Daily Show at 23:00. It was a bad night and an horrible day.