Yesterday I went to bed at 3:42 and got up at 13:11. I changed one note and added three links, deleted one link, took an appointment with the nurse of my drugstore, ran errands in Matane with my parents (Wallmart + Dollarama [a new 1] + Super C - dad dropped us and the bag off then went at the Mont-Joli McDonald's), changed one note, deleted one link, changed five notes, played the fourth track of Bloons Tower Defense 4 (won all then failed and failed - rank 17), did one search, deleted one link, did one search, changed two notes and did one search and got two informations and added two links and deleted one link, changed three notes, showed mom something and asked her to do something for me the following morning, changed two notes and got a phone number for mom, watched Chopped Grill Masters at 22:00, deleted one link, deleted one link and got one information, did one search and added one picture. It was a very bad night and a very bad day.