Today is a special day for me: I am finally going to see an audiologist. I've been avoiding this one for a long time, but I know I've got hearing issues. So I made the appointment last week and today I will find out whether I need a small hearing aid or a large ear trumpet. (My husband, making fun of me: "What's that, sonny? Speak into the trumpet1" And yes, I will tease him back....)

Other than my 2:30 appointment, my plan for this vacation day is to spend an hour or so catching up with my BOL forum work, finish an afghan, get some exercise, and attend a meeting later on today. I may also do some art journaling. It's my husband's turn to make dinner, and after that I'm working on catching up on some TV I've missed. Any other Anthony Bourdain fans out there?

"....and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make." - John Lennon