I like this thread but I think I will post about what I did today rather than what will I do today because things don't always go according to plans. smile

Today was a fairly productive day. For the household: Laundry, moved some holiday boxes into the storage, moved some culinary supply bins into my office from my husband's, made necessary phone calls, picked up fresh produce, returned to a store for a 40% sales credit, meal planned with my daughter, colored my hair at home.

For work: Worked on two new ebooks (only for about an hour each though), caught up on email and social networking. Prepped for out-of-house job tomorrow (testing students).

Distractions: Did an quick online survey for someone who asked, searched futilely for some important bill contact information (ugh), scanned a few online articles/news, chatting periodically with my husband who worked out of the house today (he always bugs me when he is taking a break or wants food.) Looked online for some patio furniture and sofa covers. I also chase my email by checking my inbox all day long when I'm on the computer. That is a big waste of my time, I see.

I really wanted to make more progress on those ebooks. I need to devise a good schedule to keep me on track or at least prioritize my activities!

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