Yesterday I went to bed at 22:22 and got up at 7:43. I deleted one picture, took the trifold bed off the floor then hung the plastic bag to dry and changed the big towel and blanket then washed my bedding, searched in the pile of clothes in my bedroom for something, added one picture and calculated one thing and deleted one picture and changed the place of one picture, calculated one thing, added one link and deleted one link, calculated one thing and added one link, did one search, played the fifth track of Bloons Tower Defense 5 for the first time (lost at round 49 then won all rounds then lost at round 70 - rank 23), put everything back on the floor then added the bedding (the duvet was later - mom normally helps me with that - i also do not wash it with the other things), deleted one picture. It was a one time get up night and an horrible day.