My dad is totally clueless but my mom is not. She shows that she knows what she is doing so at least in her case it is a choice to be who she is. I am not excusing my dad by saying that he is clueless, he just loves being just about himself and not caring at all about anyone else. So far he has always gotten away with it because there was always someone fixing all the things he does.

I know that when I finally break free of them and I have no more contacts with them that I will be fine. I will still have the effects of what they have done but I am sure I can get through it. I certainly can not start to get over what they have done while being in contact with them especially while living with them. Like I said just being with them even when they are in a nice mood is stressful so there's no way that I can get over that. I can though in the meantime work on myself and do some things before moving on and that is what I am finally doing.

I am just proud of myself for not letting the latest set back get to me. Normally when I realised that I could not get the things I said I would do the next weeks by that set date I would of just given up but I did not let that get to me and I am not giving up!