Yesterday I went to bed at 23:39 and got up at 8:25. I ran twelve errands in Rimouski, watched Judge Judy at 16:00, the First Round of Rafael Nadal at the Rio Open (that was REALLY stupid of me - i started watching Dr Phil at 18:00 then when commercials started at the halfway mark i went to the channel showing that tournament [never do that when i watch something new] and saw him so i thought it was a replay so came back to the shows channel and went to look on the internet and about a minute later i realised that i had mistaken with the time zones - i thought that the 3 hours was them later than here - not only does my sports on tv important and this is the last year watching tennis but doing that is very scary - i had gone often to the official website and the ATP website and both have a watch with our time and the time there and thats not mentioning that geographically it is not possible - my brain never clicked on any of that!!!!!!!!!! so i missed the first 2 games and the start of the third frown !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), and the Dallas Stars at 20:00. It was an average night and an horrible day.