Yesterday I went to bed at 0:18 and got up at 6:00. I added one link, deleted one link, calculated something, did one search, added four links and deleted three, deleted one link, did one search, helped mom install curtains in my bedroom (turns out what holds the pole is not long enough), added twenty-six links and calculated something, erased one note, deleted eight links, played Bloons Tower Defense track 6 for the first time (lost at round 38 for the easys round 42 for the mediums and 37 for the hards - rank 16), deleted one link, played spider medium on Solitr (failed), deleted five links, erased one note and changed one, deleted one link, played spider medium (failed), deleted twelve links, did one search, deleted five links, added one link and deleted nineteen, deleted nine links, deleted three links, deleted one link, changed one note, watched Modern Family at 18:00, did one search, deleted one link, added two pictures and deleted two, did one search, changed one note, added eleven links, deleted one picture. It was an horrible night and an horrible day.