Yesterday I went to bed at 4:54 and got up at 14:19. I changed one note, changed one note and added two links, deleted one picture, wasted some time (dad was watching a movie so for the rest which was a few minutes came here before breakfast), washed my washcloths and towels (should of been sunday but the washer is screwed so 2 big loads the same day is not a good idea), changed one note, changed nine notes, changed one note and did one search and checked one thing and added one link, deleted one link, changed six notes, deleted two links and added four links, deleted one link, deleted one link and added eleven links, watched the overtime of Real Time for the November 3 episode and calculated two things, changed two notes, changed three notes, deleted one link and added three links, deleted two links, watched The Dead Files at 23:00, did one search and added one picture, deleted one link, changed one note, deleted one link, did one search, added one link, added one link, did one search, put the backup cream for a thirty-second time. It was a bad night and a very bad day.