Yesterday I went to bed at 1:50 and got up at 11:30. I deleted one link, had to change my password for the new email account (these idiots have too much videos on their mainpage so it jumps a lot so it takes a long time to login at the start of the day - after the second error message i asked for a new password then when i went to enter it i realised i had put the wrong username - had to login again almost everytime i went in my inbox), got one information, checked the three houses (all still available - mom said that dad was still thinking about it and now she wants to do it this winter and before it was the faster possible), put mom on Ardene then ordered what she wanted plus one thing for me, played the twenty-sixth track of Bloons Tower Defense 5 for the first time (won all then lost at 60 then 38 - rank 19), did one search and added one picture, wrote one note, played the unwon layouts of the mini mahjong (failed all), the unwon layouts of the 3d mahjong (failed all). It was a very bad night and a very bad day.