What will you do today?

I hope you will forgive.

I hope you can understand that most people give us the best of them during whatever time they share with you. Their best could be horrid, but it really is the best they have at that moment.

Just like you and I, their past experiences shape their perceptions, ideas, and personalities. When we are hurt in our childhood it has the potential to mold us into physical and emotional abusers, over-protectors, extreme nurturers, or overly cautious beings.

When we recognize where the seed was planted we make room to grow new leaves of kindness, caring, security, loyalty, and love.

When people we love hurt us, it is ok to forgive them and move out of harm's way. It is optimal to forgive and move forward.

So, what will you do today? I hope you will forgive.

Happy 2015!

Yvonnie DuBose