I crossed off 10 out of 12 items on my to-do list. Could not get to the laundry because the washer was stored and I need to use my aunt's and then I could not pack the pantry because I need to pick up plastic bins. I'll pick up bins tonight and do the laundry first thing tomorrow.

See why a too-long list is a bad idea? I feel dissatisfied because I wanted to get it all done and didn't.

I also nearly cried because my aunt wanted to go to the dollar store even though we just packed over 160 boxes of junk she previously bought!

As for something fun, I at least wrote a list of new article ideas (plus notes)and did some reworking of my novel while I waited at the doctor's office for her. I had two hours of waiting time so I got a lot done there.

Right now, I'm listening to old songs on youtube to put myself in a better mood and reading other editors' articles! Good stuff, guys!

OHHHH!!! And good news!!! Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing just bought a second story!!! Yipeee! The first is coming out in Oct. and the second will be out in Dec.!!! And, I mentioned in my bio both times!!! smile