I am so pleased - i got my kayaks and some of my furniture yesterday and went hiking with my buddy Chris. It was a lovely day. We wove a hat from cattail leaves and laughed til we were crying. I need more days like that.

Okay, TO DO TODAY: editor help emails, finish up romance class, call chris and leanne about friday in sedona, maybe make a vet run, review an amazon book, print out paperbackwap wrapper and mail book, give meds to john (even though they are not helping), update bills on calendar, write back pam and ramona and make plans with them (they both wrote to see if i was okay, which is nice), take stuff out of car that I grabbed from chris yesterday.

Take kayaks down and drag them into the shed (when it cools down tonite)

It's too hot to do laundry, too hot to do any mulch or work on the recycling - 104.5 today! WTF!