Yesterday I went to bed (when i got on the air bed i realised a lot of air was gone - this 1 actually lasted long because it was bought and installed on march 24 but ironically the other 2 coleman double air beds that lasted less than 2 months & less than 3 months actually were able to last longer when losing air - this last 1 who lasted longer cannot last a long time with new air put in - i thought about staying on that bed like that but a few minutes later i got up and added some & less than 4 hours later i woke up with my butt on the floor and my head & head above the floor so i added more air and its like it did nothing but i stayed like that since the alarm clock was about to go on but i got up before that) at 23:03 and got up at 4:09. I made a decision, made an online order, watched Rafael Nadal at the ATP World Tour Masters 1000 Paris (tv), Dr Phil at 15:00 and Judge Judy at 16:00. It was a very bad night and a very bad day.