Yesterday I went to bed at 22:52 and got up at 6:05. I ran errands with my parents (Amqui = 10:35 appointment with my doctor [dad stayed in the car and mom came up because she had something to ask to her then she left me with her and she was waiting for me when i came out] + Dollarama + Rossy + Hart [dad went to Maxi then waited for us in the parking lot] ~ Mont-Joli = the biggest Uniprix ~ Sainte-Flavie = Cantine Sainte-Flavie [mom and i stayed in the car]), watched SpongeBob SquarePants at 16:30, Judge Judy at 18:30, contacted SFS for a one-hundred-forty-ninth time and watched Hotel Hell at 20:00. It was an horrible night and an horrible day.