Play Stan Skates, continue the Tucker Carlson marathon (yesterday watched april 6 [there was 5 and 1 was a double] there was 2 new and no double) and watch my favorite movie Batman Begins (its been YEARS since ive seen it - it always played at bad times and sometime i could of watched a little part here and there but decided to wait until seeing it from start to finish and finally its at 21:00 tonight).

It does not look good for finally seeing Batman Begins again after all these years! A few minutes ago lightning and thunder started and when there is lightning the signal of the satellite goes (its the only good thing for Bell is that during the past years they really worked on not having their signal go off and now its only lightning that can do that unless of course a real issue happens with the satellite on your house) and if this continues tonight then I will again miss it! It is like the universe does not want me to watch that movie again, I do not get it!

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