I could of started playing these games again but for the next few days I will be very busy getting ready for the next important day and won't have the time to play any of these games.

Before the first big day (had 10 days after it until today so 12 days ago) I started playing again, at first I decided to visit a website where in the puzzle section I found games I had forgotten plus found games I never knew existed but months ago we could not open it and it was still like that then that night I thought about the version of Flash Ludo I tried and liked last year and played it once. The next day I still had some time since what I had to do took less time then I thought it would so I gave Fun Beach (found that game on that website that do not work anymore - loved that game years ago then forgot about it - it then froze at the 3rd or 4th or 5th level - found it on 4 websites that day and 4th always froze) then the last ten days I gave one last try on different websites once a day with Craze Rush (found it again there too - that 1 now the 2nd level cannot be won anymore and it was the same all those days too - shame because loved that 1 too). Today it took a lot of time (even had to not check the 13 websites i call "extras" so ill have double to check tomorrow - go there once a day and 1 day i wont anymore but until then i do and when i have too much to do i just skip and check 2 days instead of 1 the next day) so I played Ashtons Family Resort (always knew it was only a short version but when i found it again on again that website that is broken i saw pictures of the longest version so looked for it but its so old that its many windows version ago).

That other Flash Ludo version is shorter so I will play it once or more per day until my next big day and if all goes well then I will play the games I want to win that day of the following day.

Right now I am thinking of what was my favorite game in my first internet years along with Flash Ludo, it is called Lightning, I do not have the time to go play now since I am tired, I want to finish a few things then eat something while watching television and then start the night routine.

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