I like to read, and learn, and i like to write. And i get lonely. I have good friends, but don't get to see them much either because they live far away or because they have families and children that they are busy with. I live alone. My family, unfortunately, never took interest in me. I was happily married for many years, but he became mentally ill and dangerous to me. We did not have children. We divorced, and since then, i've looked for a mate, but not found the right person. I've had several offers... but it just isn't in me to be with someone just because i'm lonely. We have to be right for each other, and I want to feel they are the right one, that the two of us are really an "us," not just partnering up for convenience... does that make sense?

I like people, and like being around them. I come home to an empty house and wake to one...except for my cat, and he's not much of a conversationalist. laugh ...It's very nice to have this board! Now i can wake up and talk to people who even become a bit familiar, and talk to them again at the end of the day. I look forward to it. smile

I know Mr. Mohatta suggested you visit this board. I'm so glad you are here. Are you enjoying it?


Here are things i'm looking forward to today:

It's a beautiful day, and when the sun gets lower i'll go for my long walk along the trail that used to be railroad tracks. It cuts through a little forest, and then past large back yards, and then finally past farm fields. I usually see interesting animals, birds, and plants when i walk. Today i am thinking of my friends, and i might call or write to some of them. And i'll be reading and working to finish some of my projects... which is always exciting.