Let's see... what can i look forward to, today?

Talking with my friends here at Bella. smile

Doing some work here at home today... probably i will do some paperwork. Looking forward to paperwork, you wonder??? laugh Well you might ask! Yes, not my favorite task either, but i look at it as a stepping stone to a more focused, happy life. I will have the satisfaction of making progress, so yes, in a way, i am looking forward to it. I also might work on one of the rooms of my house where i'm refinishing very, very old plaster walls and making them look much better. As i live and learn and heal, i've come to greatly value elective labor to better my life and surroundings. There is joy and success in such efforts. smile

I am also trying, as a new thing, to make sure to give myself some rewards each day... things that bring me pleasure... things that remind me that this day is for enjoying. I like to knit, and read, and i will probably do some of both today. smile