I Skype my dad for an hour each night and I always think I should be doing something "productive" at the same time. I do have knitting needles upstairs but I've forgotten how to use them. I think tomorrow I will look forward to figuring that out in the afternoon so when I Skype with him I can be knitting him a scarf! I like to make use of every iota of time I have smile

I also look forward to further perfecting the brand new code I just finished, which automatically handles bouncebacks for newsletters! I'm so happy I figured out a solution!!

Mostly right now I'm looking forward to a nice sleep - I pushed myself to stay up fairly late (I've been going to bed about 1am the past week or two) because I wanted to test all my code when things were quiet on the system.

Hopefully I will fall asleep quickly!

Lisa Shea, Low Carb and Video Games Editor
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