Good morning, everyone. smile

Well, i guess things are a little better. My friend apologized sincerely... they are actually very upset with themselves. I still don't know if we'll stay friends but we're both hanging in and talking. This thing has been like a dark cloud over me, and i still feel pretty down, but I want to find the positives so much! And one thing i figure i can do, is keep looking for things to look forward to in my day.

Today my plan is to knit as much as i can stand on this urgent knitting commission. I will be glad to see myself make progress and soon having this job out of the way, so i'm looking forward to that. And while i do that, i'm going through my cd collection, deciding what to keep and not, and putting the keepers into a new binder that takes up less space. Music heals, doesn't it? smile

And i'm looking forward to eating lovely food today. My house is stuffed with good food at the moment, so i think i will take time to make really nice meals for myself.

And i think i'll take up zazen again, so i'm looking forward to doing that today.

What about the rest of you? What can you look forward to today? What's going on in your lives?