laugh That sounds beautiful. I've had to mow the lawn when it's that high sometimes... not this year, though! I've only had to mow it 3 times all season, i think. One more time and i think i'll be done for the year.

I just had a next door neighbor move to Nebraska! He'll be back for a visit in a few months.

Okay... things to look forward to. I'm quite determined to snap out of the unresourceful state i've been in lately! I want to be working harder, be more optimistic, enjoy the day, be able to concentrate better, have lots more energy, etc., so...

Today i am looking forward to:

---writing as much as i can,

---working on the room (except for one window where i'm still scraping, i'm starting to see the end of the rest and can probably finish in two days if i work a lot at it.

---going to my class tonight.

I also have a mostly clean house at the moment... go figure! So that is pleasureable, of course, and it is a beautiful late summer day: not too hot, not too cold. The cicadas are rattling.