Yes, NdnRu, here, too... it's been raining softly since i got up this morning. Not very typical of August weather for here (usually we have heat, humidity, and when we do get rain in August it's in the form of violent thunderstorms), but we needed the rain and i like it.

Today i'm also looking forward to getting things done. Quiet Sundays are wonderful that way. No distractions of having to be somewhere else, i can get a lot done at home.

I'm also going to finish knitting one of the gifts today, for my student/friend Chie. Chie just turned 89 years old, and she knows about this gift as i couldn't finish it it time for her party so i let her help select it's nature. I can't tell you what a kick it is to know she's looking forward to this! laugh I hope when i'm 89 i still have plenty to look forward to.

i'm looking forward to dreaming of and planning my future today.