Tucker Carlson has always been someone I liked despite working for Fox News when I first saw him (or perhaps he was not there yet - anyway he is not 1 of the many AWFUL journalist + he is cute and he does not take himself seriously), one day in August I started only getting my news from the channel The Liberty Hound on Youtube and almost (at least during that time) all their videos were of him so I became a fan and soon after a crush developed which has not left, I then started only checking Very Fake News for my news and they did not post a lot (again at least during that time) and not a lot of those videos were of him but I decided that later I would only watch his videos so I found seven other channels and today has been the twenty-third day that during the day I find his videos (started where i was when i stopped checking the first channel mentioned) and then by each day (only started doing that for oct 4 - it was too difficult to find the doubles so ended up with a new system) are put together and the doubles and triples and so on are deleted, I developed that system later so I only have all the October 18 aside and only watch all until October 8 so I am very late.

Tomorrow I won't watch a new movie and besides washing my bedding like every Sunday and the every day things I do I will just focus on finding the videos, if I can get them all I will be able to only focus on watching. Plus there are the three days of christmas so that idiotic time of year will go by quicker this year.

If I am all caught up when we will finally have visitors or if I am healthy before then I will visit the seven channels every morning until the house is sold or we have visitors to get all his videos to watch the same day and since it will only be for one day (except the first day i will have to finish watching all starting the first of that morning) it will be easier especially since it will be waiting for me in my favorites (i send all to my friends via email and none of my friends are complaining and 2 in particular love it), if I am not caught up I will just start watching him on television then and stop that.

There are a few subjects I do not agree with him mainly religion and abortion (he lost an interview with a satanist in september and it was all because of his faith - he could not remain professional), climate change (i can see him change his mind 1 day) and gun control (he just go off the rails - he went off on 2 perfectly sane guests in the start of october or maybe the first was end of the previous month) but who cares; first of all we cannot find one person who has the exact same opinion on every subjects as us and also he is one of the rare real journalist, and yes his cuteness and charm does not hurt either!