Who knows with them. They rarely do what they say they will do plus mom is dad's slave so she always ends up doing what he wants.

He does not want to move because this place looks good and since he is a show-off this is perfect for him but they have zero choice since they won't afford it in about three or two years. Mom wants to go far then she wants to stay near then she says when dad is not there to hear that this time she will have a say then she says she wants an apartment then a small house then a big house.

I am just staying to see if they for once in their lives will act like a sane person but I for sure am not betting on it.

Despite being raised by them who cannot budget and love debt I have never been in debt in my life and will never be. I have enough money for a new life and my old age so money wise I have zero stress.

If there is no television where the kitchen is, the new house needs no renovation and they can afford it until they die then I will follow at least for a while to get more money in my savings.

There's three houses in my favorites that would be perfect (another 1 was gone quickly - that city was perfect too); one has a smaller house on the property, one has an apartment behind the house attached to the house and the other has the perfect amount of rooms all placed perfectly plus all they would have at the least 50000$ aside.

Mom technically knows how to budget (she always had to go behind the mess dad makes to make it ok) but again he always makes the decisions and he cannot budget plus for him money is to be spent and to appear good to other people.

It is a shame that I am not younger because I would move to another province, with my age and that amount of money I cannot, I would not have enough money come retirement.