My first concern with the walls is to get them in better condition. My house was built in 1896 and the walls are the original plaster! laugh I am painting first with a white sealer that acts as a moisture barrier, and i must paint them white first so that i can see the blemishes in texture so i can repair the cracks and sand bumps. I have started painting the woodwork, too... i have one white paint that i've chosen for the trim and doors in the whole house. After i repair and sand the walls (i have been getting very good results but it takes a lot of labor), then i will paint more coats of white on the walls. Later, when i decorate and fill the rooms i will choose a soft light color for each room, but i will choose the color after i find the right fabric, because paint is more flexible to coordinate. So for now, the walls will be white but in a few months i will add color quickly and then refurnish the rooms. I also hope, after i get the third room upstairs done, to rent a professional floor sander, and take the painted floors back down to the wood and then varnish them. It will add value to my home. I am trying to work quickly because when i sand the floors upstairs, all belongings including my bedroom will need to be downstairs (chaos!), and this will be easier to do before i have a housemate... and i am hoping i will have a housemate soon.

Today i am looking forward to painting more in the room, exercise, meeting with my friend Rick to write, and teaching my knitting class. There is so much to do today! smile

I find it helps so much to think early in the day what i have to look forward to. It helps me to focus on the positive in life and since practicing it, i am a much happier person. I think it's a good habit to cultivate.

i hope all of my friends here can find many things to look forward to today! Know that i am thinking of you and wishing you well. smile