Today I am sitting at work just watching these old ladies enjoy themselves. Monday is bridge day at the Secret Garden Tea Room which is in the building where I work at the spa. We are upstairs in a loft like area overlooking the tea room and health food store. They reminf me that even though they are old they can and do have a good time. THey bring in a couple bottles of wine, have lunch and gab like school girls, and then when their stomaches are fill sit down in groups of four and play cards. After every game they shift players to another table. It's cute.. their own little red hat club sans the red hats.

Today I will also use my boredom time (its a legal holiday and many people are at home with their kids) and sit down and read a book i keep starting but never get far in.

Holly, sweaters wise, i like them not too tight around the neck, but not too baggy either. I hate tight cuffs, cable stitch, and odd patterns (especially horizontal stripes or half fancy and half solid). I am looking at getting one of those sweaters that zips up the front and has a high neck that can be folded down. Other than that, I am always striggling with fit and pattern.

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