Today I didn't get to bed until 8am or so and woke up at about 5pm. So most of the day was spent sleeping. Bob was worn down too and didn't go riding the motorcycle like he was going to, and we didn't get to the health club to officially join. So we didn't make progress in a lot of areas.

But, that being said, I just finalized a block of Mused content (letters to the editor, that sort of stuff) so that is all good and handed over to Diane. I just have two interviews to finalize and the content is all done. So that is all very good.

My office is full of little piles of things that need to be filed or mailed. So I think a good task for today will be to get through a lot of this stuff so my office is clean again and I can focus better on my computer related tasks.

Lisa Shea, Low Carb and Video Games Editor
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