Oh, Jilly. I'm so sorry about your having to send over one of your kittens. frown Cuddling your other pets will give you some comfort. And knowing you'll see your little beloved kitty again might console you, too. It really isn't good-bye but "until later"...that is what helps me hold on until I see my little boy again.

As for what I'm looking forward to today...I am looking forward to working out in the gym with my family. I can't believe we've turned into gym people after all. We try to go nightly when possible and we love it.

I also was looking forward to spending the day with my hubby and he surprised me with a long drive down the coast through north San Diego where we stopped at the La Costa Resort and Spa just to take in the view of the golf course, then we picnicked at a spot overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Encinitas. Pleasant one-on-one time, chatting, holding hands and cuddling in the ocean breeze. Connected with nature as we watched the squirrels and sparrows and gulls...and all the magnificent flora everywhere.

Then, back home where I gave the dog a bath and caught up with the kids. Nice Sunday. I'm feeling very thankful for being alive. smile