No, i teaching knitting and sometimes painting, drawing, calligraphy, collage, photography, and other art classes. I enjoy cooking though, and i used to be a professional baker and a health food store and restaurant.

Over the last couple of weeks i've been better at being more disciplined... i've been eating better, exercising a little more, working on my house more, and doing the things i intend to do. That's making me feel a little better about myself. So today i'm looking forward to more of the same... i'm painting shelves for a closet, working in the yard, i'll be finishing reading a book today, knitting a summer shirt, and of course, teaching a class. Some of these things i like to do, and i'm learning to enjoy doing the others! I benefit two ways from that... it's easier to get things done when you enjoy the process, and i feel better when i accomplish what i need to do. smile

What are you looking forward to today, das?