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Scarves and wraps! I still need to learn to read patterns LOL!

And, I can knit scarves and wraps. Though I can do some sort of circle thingy - what is it??? Argh!!! Anyway, it makes a hat!

I want to learn to knit a hat on circular knitting needles. I'll probably take those to park day today as the mamas there are knitting and crocheting goddesses smile

Oh, so cool. I love wraps! I'm also into afghans and silly little stuffed things (amigurumi). Particularly food. Silly but cute. I've crocheted Halloween witches' boots to fill with candy and Christmas stockings for the kids. I have a hard time finishing the afghans (I have three half-finished now) so I like the quick ami projects.

You're inspired me to work on a prayer shawl. I'd like to make a special one to use in my prayer rituals.