It didn't work trying to help those two families, by the way. I told my friend the house was: in a great neighborhood, large, with a big yard, in good condition and only needed the carpet replaced, is listed at $75,000 under what the bank values the house to be (because the seller is approaching foreclosure), can either be a duplex or a single home dwelling, and that as a century home she can qualify for special home improvement grants, etc.

AND i told her i would walk over there with her... and i couldn't even get her to go look at the house!

I told her she's just LOOKING at it, she doesn't have to buy it... and she wouldn't go look! She and her husband have looked at 60 houses over the last two years... put a bid on one or two but didn't get them.

So that really tells me this is all about fear.

I can understand that... since i struggle with fears myself. But it's frustrating because i really believe it would be so advantageous to both parties! She could rent out half and let that pay for the mortgage, or, turn around and sell it in the next year for at least a $40,000 profit! She won't do it.

Oh well.

i tried.